Are you a retailer interested in carrying Grey Street products?

We'd love to work with you! Grey Street Paper has worker with over 300 retailers of all sizes across the United States and internationally. 

  • Order on Faire

    Order online easily via Faire Wholesale. Approved retailers get Net 60 terms. New to Faire retailers get $200 off your first order, plus free shipping with us for a year. Please use our direct link to order: 
  • Order Directly

    Prefer to work with us directly? Send an email to with the name and location of your shop. We'll send you a catalog with all the information you'll need for an easy order process. Place your order with us and we'll send you an invoice that can be paid online or by phone.

  • Order on Abound

    Order online easily via Abound Wholesale. Approver retailers get Net 60 terms. New retailers to Abound get a $100 credit and free shipping toward your first order. Please use our direct link to order 
  • Boston Massachusetts Retailers

    Is your store in the Boston area? Please email our sales rep Rhonda Adelson to place your order.

    You can view our catalog here.

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