Mother’s Day Cards for the ‘Meh’ Mom

Mother’s Day Cards for the ‘Meh’ Mom

Mother's Day is an occasion to celebrate the incredible women in our lives who have taken on the role of being a mom. However, not all moms are the same, and while some may be the epitome of a supermom, others may be more "meh" in their approach to motherhood. 

I know picking out a card for mom can get overwhelming in a sea of all the “You’re the best mom in the world” greeting cards at the store. So I’ve designed some specific Mother’s Day greeting cards for those of you out there that have a “meh” mom. 

If you're looking for the perfect Mother's Day card for your "meh" mom, here are some acceptable ideas that will get the job done.


1. Obligatory Mother’s Day Greeting Card

This greeting card is perfect for those who want to acknowledge Mother's Day but may not have the most expressive or sentimental relationship with their mother. It recognizes the societal expectation of sending an obligatory Mother's Day card every year. 

Obligatory Mother's Day floral mother's day greeting card

2. You’re an OK Mom Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Your mom may not be great, she may not even be the worst. At best her mediocre style of parenting is simply OK. 

You're an ok mom mother's day greeting card

3. Not the Worst Mom Award Mother’s Day Greeting Card 

Here's a Mother's Day card that is refreshingly honest. She kept you alive and although she may not be the best mom, she's definitely not the worst mom out there. 

Not the worst mom award mother's day greeting card

4.  Happy Everything Greeting Card

 This greeting card is about as generic and minimal effort as you can get. You can simply check off the Happy Mother's Day box. 

Happy everything mother's day greeting card

5. Floral Mom Greeting Card

This greeting card is perfect for skipping the Mother’s Day sentiment all together. The only text it has on it is ‘Mom.’ Simple and to the point ‘Mom.’

Floralmom mother's day greeting card

 meh mothers day obligatory mothers day greeting card

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