Father’s Day Cards for the ‘Meh’ Dad

Father’s Day Cards for the ‘Meh’ Dad

Not all dads are created equal! That's why I’ve designed some specific Father’s Day greeting cards for those of you out there that have a “meh” dad. Picking out a card for a dad that is just 'okay' can get overwhelming in a sea of all the “Dad, you're my hero!” greeting cards at the store. 

So, if you're looking for the perfect Father's Day card for your "meh" dad, here are some acceptable ideas that will get the job done.

1. Obligatory Father’s Day Greeting Card

This Father's Day Card recognizes the societal expectation of sending an obligatory Father's Day card every year. 

Obligatory Father's Day Card with blue, Orange, and brown wave design in the background

2. You’re an OK Dad Father’s Day Greeting Card

Your dad may not be great, or even good. At best his mediocre style of parenting is simply just OK.  

You're an OK Dad Father's Day card with blue plaid background

3. Not the Worst Dad Father’s Day Greeting Card

He's not the best but was also able to keep you alive all these years so he's not completely the worst. 

Not the worst dad gold medal father's day card

4. Dad Poem Father's Day Card

    He owns a wrench, he can grill, and tell jokes. ‘Bout sums it up!

    Dad, You grill, you own a wrench, you tell jokes. Father's Day Card
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