From Inspiration to Creation

From Inspiration to Creation

Have you ever wondered how I come up with ideas for all my colorful, beautiful greeting cards?  Well, today we're going to take a peek behind the scenes of my Hello Cat Birthday Greeting card and discover how I found inspiration and turn it into a greeting card that will make someone's day.

Where does inspiration hide?

Inspiration is sneaky, hiding in the most unexpected places. It could be a breathtaking sunset on the beach, a funny conversation with a friend, or even a random thought that pops into my head while I'm brushing my teeth. I keep my eyes and ears open, because I never know when inspiration will strike! In this particular case, inspiration hit thanks to my instagram algorithm. Instagram showed me a post from the instagram account @pixelandsophie of a Cornish Rex Cat! 

I loved how unique Cornish Rex's are with their GIANT ears, eyes, and teeth!

Cornish Rex Cat from the Instagram account pixelandsophie

(photo reposted from the instagram account @pixelandsophie)

Unleashing your creativity

Once I've caught that elusive inspiration, it's time to unleash my creativity and let it flow like a river. I grab a pen and paper, or usually an iPad, and start jotting down or sketching out my thoughts.  I don't worry about grammar or what it looks like at this stage.

I let my imagination run wild which usually ends up with silly nonsensical drawings!

rough sketch of a cartoon cat on a greeting card
Here's my first rough draft sketch of a cat with big eyes and long teeth starting with inspiration from the Cornish Rex Cat. I knew I wanted to make a birthday card with a cat with its head peeking out.
Sketch of a cat in a birthday party hat on a greeting card.
My first draft was too cartoonish and I wasn't vibing with it. My revised sketch is a more realistic looking cat with softer features.

Adding a touch of humor

A good greeting card always brings a smile to someone's face, so I can't forget to sprinkle a little humor into my creation. Puns, jokes, and witty one-liners can turn an ordinary card into something extraordinary. I like to think about the tone of the humor and the person who will receive the card and mold them together.

Full color illustration of a cat on a greeting card with the saying Hey, hey you, hi, hello, happy birhtday.

The inspiration for the copy from this design was inspired by the time I woke up with a friends cat staring me in the face.


 Watch the full timelapse of my drawing process!

From words to design

Now that I have my colorful illustration and a dash of humor, it's time to bring my greeting card to life. I send it off to the printer and I wait patiently to receive my first run of cards in the mail. Then I choose the perfect matching color envelope to complete the design.

Here is the final product of my Hello Cat Birthday Greeting Card!

Spread the love

Once my masterpiece is complete, it's time to share it with the world! It gets purchased by lovely customers like yourself and sent to a very lucky recipient.  I always hope my creations will make someone's day a little brighter!


hand holding a Birthday card with an orange envelope. Birthday card has an illustration of a cat in a birthday party hat that says hey, hey you, hi, hello, happy bithday!


blog post header. from inspiration to creation. Birthday greeting card with an orange envelope. Greeting card is an illustration of a cat that says hey, hey you, hi, hello, happy birthday.

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